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High quality 4 channel oscilloscope with 70 MHz Bandwidth, 8 GSa/s sample rate, up to 200 Mpts memory depth and a 22.9 cm touchdisplay 1024×600 pixel.Upgradable to a MSO with a 16 channel logic analyzer(PLA2216) and expandable by a 2 channel waveform generator.All options included!
Get the MSO5000 Options bundle for free with the purchase of a new MSO5000! Options included: MSO5000-COMP, MSO5000-EMBD, MSO5000-AUTO, MSO5000-FLEX, MSO5000-AUDIO, MSO5000-AERO, MSO5000-PWR, MSO5000-AWG (Valid until 30.06.2024).

Now includes NABL Calibration Certificate.
3 years warranty

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In Stock 2-3 Weeks


The MSO5000 series is a multifunctional and high-performance digital oscilloscope designed on the basis of the UltraVision II technology

developed by RIGOL. Integrating 7 independent instruments into one, the MSO5000 series is equipped with super high sample bandwidth ratio of 8 GSa/s, extremely high memory depth of up to 200 Mpts, clear 9″ touch display, excellent waveform capture rate of 500.000 wfms/s, and powerful data analysis functions.

Many of its specifications have reached the top level in the industry. With sound solutions for mainframes, optional & accessories, and application software, it has aroused great attention from customers in the areas such as industrial control, power supply, and automotive electronics.

In today’s inegrated designfield, a highly integrated comprehensive digital oscilloscope has become a useful tool for design engineers.

The MSO5000 series digital oscilloscope launched by RIGOL this time integrates 7 independent instruments into 1, including one digital oscilloscope, one spectrum analyzer, one 16-channel logic analyzer, one arbitrary waveform generator, one digital voltmeter, one high-precision frequency counter and accumulator, and one protocol analyzer.

The MSO5000 series offers you a flexible and economical solution to address your actual needs.

Features MSO5000
Channel 2 – 4
Bandwidth 70 – 350 MHz
Sample rate 1 channel with 8 GSa/s

2 channel with each 4 GSa/s

4 channel with each 2 GSa/s

Waveform capture rate 500.000 wfms/s
Memory depth (standard) 1 channel with 100 Mpts

2 channel with each 50 Mpts

4 channel with each 25 Mpts

Memory depth (max. via option) 1 channel with 200 Mpts

2 channel with each 100 Mpts

4 channel with each 50 Mpts

MSO5000 Bandwidth Channel Rise time (typ.) Logic analyzer Waveform generator
MSO5072 70 MHz (upgradable) 2 < 5 ns Option Option
MSO5074 70 MHz (upgradable) 4 < 5 ns Option Option
MSO5102 100 MHz (upgradable) 2 < 3.5 ns Option Option
MSO5104 100 MHz (upgradable) 4 < 3.5 ns Option Option
MSO5204 200 MHz (upgradable) 4 < 1.75 ns Option Option
MSO5354 350 MHz 4 < 1.75 ns Option Option

Special Features

Touch Display

The 9-inch capacitive multi-touch screen supports various touch gestures, making it always keep up with the mainstream development trend for screen operation. Meanwhile, the MSO5000 series digital oscilloscope still keeps the knob and key operation as what RIGOL traditional digital oscilloscopes have, optimizing the user-friendly interactive experience to a large extent.

Super High Sample Bandwidth Ratio

Bandwidth and the sample rate are two key technical specifications that engineers take priority in choosing the digital oscilloscope. The MSO5000 series provides a maximum of 8 GSa/s real-time sample rate and 23X sample rate/bandwidth ratio for 350 MHz bandwidth, which makes itself far ahead of the same level products.

500.000 wfms/s Capture Rate
Engineers often have to spend a lot of time and efforts in locating the problem in design and debugging. Therefore, a proper debugging tool will help engineers to work more efficiently. MSO5000 series digital oscilloscope can provide the waveform capture rate of up to 500,000 wfms/s, so that the glitches and infrequent events in waveforms can be quickly identified, greatly improving the debugging efficiency for the engineers.

256-level intensity grading

256-level intensity grading display can reflect the occurrence frequencies of the infrequent events. Its newly added color persistence function can highlight the signal of different probabilities with a different color grading. You can set the persistence time to control the duration time for the waveforms to be displayed on the screen, so that the display capability of the infrequent events can be further enhanced.

Full Memory Auto Measurement

The auto measurement is the basic tool for engineers to make a rapid analysis of the signals, and it requires more efficient measurement process and accurate measurement results. MSO5000 supports hardware full memory auto measurement, provides measurements of 41 waveform parameters, supports displaying the statistics and analysis of the measurement results for 10 items.

Bold Plot

The stability of the switch power supply affects the reliability of the whole system. MSO5000 series can generate the sweep signal of the specified range by controlling the built-in signal generator module and output the signal to the switch power supply to carry out loop analysis test. The bode plot generated from the test can display the gain and phase variations of the system under different frequencies, enabling engineers to get a clear view about data from the bode plot. By analyzing the phase margin (PM), gain margin (GM), and other parameters, they can judge whether the system is stable.

Pass/Fail Test

The MSO5000 series can analyze 1 Mpts of FFTs, which improves the frequency resolution to a large extent, convenient for you to better analyze the disturbance noise in the circuit under test. To adjust the spectrum waveforms to be observed, set the center frequency and the span; or set the start frequency and the stop frequency.

Enhanced FFT Analysis

The MSO7000/DS7000 series can analyze 1 Mpts of FFTs, which improves the frequency resolution to a large extent, convenient for you to better analyze the disturbance noise in the circuit under test. To adjust the spectrum waveforms to be observed, set the center frequency and the span; or set the start frequency and the stop frequency.

A Variety of Triggers and Protocol Decodings

MSO5000 series digital oscilloscope provides powerful trigger functions, including Edge trigger, Pulse trigger, Slope trigger, Video trigger, Pattern trigger, Duration trigger, Timeout trigger, Runt trigger, Window trigger, Delay trigger, Setup/Hold trigger, Nth Edge trigger, and serial protocol trigger. These triggers can help engineers accurately and quickly capture and identify the signals of great interest. The optional serial protocol decoding is capable of decoding 4 serial buses simultaneously. The full memory data analysis and the decoding event table display can help engineers quickly find out the system failure and locate the symbol error waveforms, greatly improving the debugging efficiency of the overall system signals. The MSO5000 series also provides optional decodings such as RS232/UART, I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN, I2S, FlexRay, and MILSTD-1553.


General Data Digital Oscilloscope Rigol MSO5074
Display 22.86 cm (9″) capacitive multi-touchscreen
Resolution 1024×600 (Screen Region)
USB-host for i.e. USB sticks
USB-Device for a PC connection or USB Pict-Bridge printerinterface
LAN for network connectivity (LXI compilant)
GPIB (IEE-488, General Purpose Interface Bus) using the optional USB-GPIB Module
Trigger- and Calibrationoutput
Size (W × H × D) 367 mm (W)×200 mm (H)×130 mm (D)
Weight 3.5 kg
Supported operation systems
Windows XP (32Bit + 64Bit)
Windows Vista (32Bit + 64Bit)
Windows 7 (32Bit + 64Bit)
Oscilloscope Functions Digital Oscilloscope Rigol MSO5074
Channels 4
Real-time sample rate 8 GSa/s realtime
Bandwidth 70 MHz
Sampling Modes Real-time sampling
Mathematics userdefined, FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)
FFT windows Rectangle, Hanning, Hamming, Blackman,, Flattop, and Triangle
Signal Bus Decoding RS232/UART (option), I²C (option), SPI (option), CAN (option)
Signal Digital Oscilloscope Rigol MSO5074
Input DC/AC coupling, CAT I 300 Vrms, CAT II 100 Vrms
Real-time sample rate up to 8 GSa/s realtime
Time base 1 ns/div to 1000 s/div
Time Base Resolution 10 ps
Horizontal Mode YT Default XY X = Channel 1, Y = Channel 2 SCAN,ROLL
Memory (Standard) 100Mpts (1Ch.), 50Mpts(2Ch.), 25Mpts(4Ch.)
Memory (Optional)) 200Mpts (1Ch.), 100Mpts(2Ch.), 50Mpts(4Ch.)
Input Impedance (1 MΩ ± 1%)||(17 pF ± 3 pF)
Vertical Digital Oscilloscope Rigol MSO5074
Analog digital converter (A/D) 8 Bit at ≥ 5 µs/div
Sensitivity range (V/div) 500 µV/div to 5 V/div
Offset range 500 µV/div to 10 V/div
DC Offset Accuracy <200 mV/div (±0.1 div±2 mV±1.5% of offset value)
>200 mV/div (±0.1 div±2 mV±1.0% of offset value
Trigger Digital Oscilloscope Rigol MSO5074
Trigger Auto, Normal, Single
Signal system and line/field frequency (Video triggering mode) PAL, NTSC, SECAM
480P, 576P, 720P, 1080P and 1080I HDTV standards
Triggerfunctions Edge, Pulse, Slope, Video, Pattern, RS232/UART, I²C, CAN, USB, FlexRay,LIN ,Nth Edge
Measurement Digital Oscilloscope Rigol MSO5074
Cursor measurement Manual, Track, XY Mode and Auto Measure modes
Auto measurement Vpp, Vamp, Vmax, Vmin, Vtop, Vbase, Vavg, Vrms, Preshoot, Overshoot, Frequency, Period, Rise Time, Fall time, Positive Width, Negative Width, Positive Duty Cycle, Negative Duty Cycle, Delay1-2 (rise), Delay1-2(fall), Phase1-2 (rise), Phase1-2 (fall)
Waveform Generator Digital Oscilloscope Rigol MSO5074
Channels 2
Sample Rate 200 MSa/s
Vertical Resolution 14 Bit
Max. Frequency
Sine: 25 MHz
Square/Pulse: 15 MHz
Ramp: 100 kHz
Noise: 25 MHz
Predefined signals: 1 MHz
Arbitrary signals: 10 MHz
Frequency Accuracy
100 ppm (<10 kHz)
50 ppm (>10kHz)
Frequency Resolution 0.1 Hz or 4 Bit (the greater value)
20 mVpp to 5 Vpp, HighZ
10 mVpp to 2.5 Vpp, 50 Ω
DC Offset
±2.5 V, HighZ
±1.25 V, 50 Ω



    Rigol PLA2216 Active logic probe

    Set of digital logic probes (PLA2216, 16 channel + 16 ground) for the Rigol MSO5000 series.

    Set of digital logic probes (PLA2216, 16 channel + 16 ground) for the Rigol MSO5000 series.

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MSO5000 Data sheet

Language: English
File Size: 15.30 MiB
Release Date: 27.12.2018


MSO5000 Programming Guide

Language: English
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Release Date: 27.12.2018

MSO5000 Quick guide

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Release Date: 27.12.2018


MSO5000 Manual

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Release Date: 27.12.2018



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