Complex Demodulation

Complex Signal Analysis and Vector Signal Analysis (VSA)

VSA Measurement Application

RIGOL’s VSA Application extends the capabilities of the RSA5000 Series to include Complex Signal Analysis and Demodulation. The ability to analyze quadrature encoded signals makes it possible to characterize RF modulations including QAM and QPSK as well as ASK and FSK signals. Engineers can also validate signals vs preset standards for signals including GSM, W-CDMA, Bluetooth, 802.11b, Zigbee, and APCO 25. View constellation diagrams, spectrum, time, errors, and symbols to speed debug of these complex signals. The VSA Measurement Application can be added to any RSA5000 Series Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer.

Benefits of the VSA Measurement Application

  • All-in-one demod and debug solution in the RSA5000
  • Validate RF modulation with views including:
    • Constellation Diagram
    • Real-Time Spectrum
    • Time/Symbol
    • Error summary
    • Error charts
  • Preset Instrument for standard configurations including:
    • GSM
    • W-CDMA
    • Bluetooth
    • 802.11b
    • Zigbee
    • APCO 25
  • Combine real-time frequency mask and power triggering with burst and sync search capabilities
  • Validate bit sequences with Bit Error Rate testing against known data

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VSA Measurement Application is available within the RSA5000 Series Spectrum Analyzers