Rigol DG2052

Code: DG2052

High quality two channel function / arbitrary waveform generator with 50 MHz bandwidth, 250 MSa/s and 16 Mpts memory.

3 years warranty

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In Stock 2-3 Weeks

In Stock 2-3 Weeks


Engineers and students who require high signal fidelity in a reliable and capable waveform generation need look no further than the Rigol DG2052 generators. With frequencies up to 100 MHz, 16Bit Resolution, and arbitrary waveforms of up to 16 Mpts the Rigol DG2052 reproduces any waveform with high signal fidelity.

SiFi II adds additional filtering capabilities making this one of the most flexible generators on the market.

The intuitive touchscreen control make it the perfect choice for your desk, bench, or lab.

Model DG2052 DG2072 DG2102
Max. Frequency 50 MHz 70 MHz 100 MHz
Resolution 1 µHz 1 µHz 1 µHz
Sample rate 250 MSa/s 250 MSa/s 250 MSa/s
vertical resolution 16 bits 16 bits 16 bits
Max Amplitude 2.5 Vpp < 60 MHz 1 Vpp < 60 MHz 1 Vpp < 60 MHz
Frequency Counter up to 240 MHz up to 240 MHz up to 240 MHz
Channels 2 2 2



Rigol DG2000 Datasheet

Language: English
File Size: 2.84 MiB
Release Date: 28.10.2019


Rigol DG2000 Manual

Language: English
File Size: 2.39 MiB
Release Date: 28.10.2019


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